Equipment from Labstract

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iBLOT 2 system (rarely used). Excellent condition. Comes with tank, leads and gel knife.

£565 incl delivery

Set of 5 VWR pipettes (plus Eppendorf pipette stand). 1000, 200, 20 microlitre single-channel plus 8- and 12- multi-channel pipette. Excellent condition. Boxed.

£815 incl delivery

Nalgene ‘Mister Frosty’. Excellent condition

£50 incl delivery

ZeroStat ‘3 MILTY’ anti-static gun.

£50 incl delivery

Bosch heat gun (PHG 500-2)

£40 incl delivery

Vial crimper and decrimper for 20mm caps

£80 incl delivery